Beginners Guide to Win Big at Progressive Blackjack

Beginners Guide to Win Big at Progressive Blackjack


Blackjack is one of the most famous universally-accepted card games. Millions of people play blackjack online every day, not just because it’s easy to play but also because of the adrenaline a player feels while playing the game. Players love rooting to get a chance to win the progressive jackpot. There are also other side bets that you can look out for, such as “Lucky ladies”, “21 and 3”, etc. 

It does not matter if you’re a regular player or just checking blackjack for the time being; this article will provide some mind-boggling information that can change your gambling experience! In order to ace blackjack, you’ll need an extensive understanding of all the blackjack rules and betting strategies. In addition, blackjack offers the maximum RTP of all casino games, making it a must-try on your list. 

This blog will discuss how to play progressive blackjack, strategies for progressive blackjack, and the game’s basic rules. 

What is progressive blackjack? 

Progressive blackjack is much similar to the traditional online blackjack game but differs when it comes to money. Progressive blackjack lets you place an additional side bet to win a larger amount that continues growing until a player wins it all. 

The main objective of progressive blackjack is similar to that of traditional blackjack. You must create a hand of cards with a value closest to the number 21. However, you’ll lose the game if your overall card value exceeds 21. So how is progressive blackjack different? 

While traditional blackjack enables each player to win a long-term payout in the ratio of 3:2, Progressive blackjack allows players to earn significant profits for an elongated period of time. This attractive feature has converted many traditional blackjack players into progressive blackjack regulars. However, players generally need to pay a small side bet in addition to the principal betting amount. This side bet can help players win exclusive prizes, gifts, and even the entire progressive jackpot!   

How to play blackjack?

The rules and the basic game structure of progressive blackjack are similar to the classic blackjack game. Most online casinos offer variants as well. Typically, online blackjack is played using a standard deck of 52 cards. However, several modern online variants use a total of 8 decks, comprising 416 cards in total. This game starts when the player and the dealer are given two cards. Players can “hit” or ask for another card in each round to get a value closest to 21.  

Another common variant of the online progressive jackpot is played using 4 decks of cards, having 208 cards in action. An online blackjack rewards certain winning combinations that you can look out for. These combination payout ratios are given below. 

  • Pay for one ace of suit ratio is 3:1
  • Pay for two aces of the same suit: is 50:1
  • Pay for two aces of different suits is 15:1
  • The payout for Four aces of different colors is 2000:1
  • The payout ratio for three aces of the same suit is 1000:1

Important Blackjack rules

Knowing the game rules beforehand will help you to understand and play the game better. Take a look at the most common blackjack rules:

  • The winning payout of a blackjack game ratio is 3:2: You can win this special ratio when your card value equals 21. 
  • Normal win pay is 1:1: This happens when you have a deck of cards with a value closest to 21. 
  • Double down: While playing the game, you can double your initial bet value if you think you have a winning deck of cards. However, you’ll have to take one card, and you won’t be able to pick any more cards. Only use this feature if you own a deck with a value of 10 or 11.  

5 things to keep in mind while playing progressive blackjack

Making wise side bets and learning the game rules can offer you the most if you want to try progressive blackjack for the first time. Aside from game strategies, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

  • Apply game strategies wisely: Be sure to keep the blackjack strategy in mind while playing this game, as you can steer your game and refer to effective strategies constantly. 
  • Focus on the house advantage: The advantage offered in progressive blackjack is more than what traditional blackjack offers a player.  
  • Keep your budget in mind: Have a pre-plan about how many rounds you can afford. This will help you save money you cannot lose to afford. 

Blackjack strategies to keep in mind 

Blackjack concepts and strategies like splitting, blackjack card values, and blackjack strategy charts can be effective for any player to win online blackjack real money

  • Don’t split face cards: Rookies make this common mistake. You should always keep your face cards as, technically, you’d be swapping a winning possibility of 20 with a possibility of losing your money because you might get a deck of cards with a value of more than 21. 
  • Always split aces and eights: This strategy might seem like a no-brainer, but a pair of 8 will gift you the curse of dreadful 16. Doing this also allows you to rely on a face card.  a pair of At the same time, aces will end up getting you a low value of either 2 or 12. 

Therefore, splitting an ace and getting either a 7 or an 8 can be helpful to get a winning combination. In addition, splitting is very effective when a dealer has a card deck value of either 5 or 6 because if they hit on a weak hand, they’ll get busted.  

Ending thoughts 

Did you know that the initial progressive jackpot games started as slot games? In most blackjack games, investing in a side bet can enhance house advantage by 10-40%. While playing blackjack, focus on having fun first, as it’s a cautious adventure. Knowing the gameplay can help you reap extensive rewards. So, make sure to practise before stepping a foot into the real arena!