The 15 Most Important Terms Every Slots Player Should Know

The 15 Most Important Terms Every Slots Player Should Know


Casinos might remind you of scenes full of blackjack tables and slot machines from “ocean eleven”. But that’s not everything. Slot machine games are relatively easy to beat as the player does not require many skills to play them. This feature alone made slot games a fan-favourite throughout the world. 

These days, modern slot machines have become advanced, and they’re bound to overwhelm you. With hundreds of variants, insane graphic video slot games, and complex features, it’s easy for a new player to get confused. Just like any other casino game, slot games have their own terminologies. However, don’t worry; in this blog, we’ll take you through some of the terms you should know if you are a slot game player.  

Here are 15 important terms that you must know before playing slot games. Knowing and understanding the meaning of these terms beforehand will give you a distinct upper hand while playing online slot games.

15  Most important terms you should know

Here is a list of the most vital terms you should remember before playing slot games. This knowledge will help you assess game situations:

  • Paytable

This shows the player all relevant information about the game being played. This screen also displays the worth of each symbol, payout information, how to crack the bonus, etc. 

  • Paylines

Paylines represent a result line with similar symbols on a slot machine. This happens when similar symbols form a reel to make a combination. This combination is then calculated to get the winner a payout. Pay lines typically form shapes ranging from horizontal and vertical lines to triangular patterns. Paylines usually go from left to right and can either actively change or be fixed. Modern slot games can feature pay lines that go both ways.  

  • Coin size

While playing modern slot games, coins are used to represent real money. To be more simple, they are your in-game currency. Coin size refers to the total number of coins a player is willing to invest in a single bet. This is a crucial term to keep in mind while playing blackjack. Some online casinos require players to invest in a minimum number of coins before they get a shot at cracking the bonus jackpot. 

  • Autospin

This feature lets you select certain spins and enjoy the show if you feel a bit lazy. This feature works by setting a specific number of spins automatically. Then the machine plays through spin rounds according to your moves and wishes. However, only the most modern spin machines and online casinos have this feature. 

  • Bet max

Another feature that lets you invest a maximum number of coins on a certain or every spin. Bet max is one of the most common features in modern slot games. Check the paytable before using this feature to make sure to use bet max efficiently to crack the progressive jackpot! 

  • Bonus game

You can play bonus games when you get special symbols for a spin. These are minigames that you can enjoy aside from the normal spin. Some of these bonus games can be automatically played when you get a special set of symbols. Others can pop up randomly while playing normally.  

  • Pick me

Another type of bonus game that lets you choose certain icons, which in turn offers exclusive rewards and hidden gifts. This feature is very effective in retaining players’ attention.

  • RTP

It’s an abbreviated form for return to the player. RTP is the percentage of the payout a slot machine offers a player on average. 

  • Free spin

In certain games, the player often gets free spins coin master feature because of a prize or a reward. Free spins are a popular feature offered by both traditional and online spin games. This is one of the most loved casino features, as players do not need to pay in order to participate. Additionally, several online casinos offer $200 no-deposit bonus of 200 free spins of real money, which is a great offer. 

  • Progressive Jackpot

A jackpot is the biggest prize money that a player can win from a single spin. Most of the jackpot money is from every single wager of different players. Progressive jackpot refers to a special jackpot that continues growing until a player wins it all. This can be triggered when players get a special sequence randomly. 

  • Free slots

It refers to the games that you can play for free. They’re best for beginners and rookie players to practice and sharpen their skills. If you’re starting out, consider playing free slots with bonus and free spins, this will allow you to understand the slot games in a better way.  Take advantage of the free spins no deposit feature from free slot machines. You can avail of up to 1k free spins coin master using free slot games.

  • RNG

It stands for “Random number generator”. RNG’s critical function is to decide what symbols will be shown for a spin. RNGs are an advanced technology that generates random outcomes of slot game spins. This ensures a cheating-free environment. 

  • Wild Symbol

This special symbol can help you change any reel with your preferred symbol to make a winning combination. Wild symbols can substitute all other symbols in a slot game except for scatter symbols.   

Let’s say you have a slot line with two identical signs on a certain reel and a wild symbol on another. The game will replace the odd symbol to complete the pay line. Wild cards are one of the most powerful features in slot games, which can guarantee rewards. 

  • The zone

The zone is the space inside a player’s head when playing a casino game for a while. Most slot game fans admit that after a few spins, they get absorbed into the game and become hyper-excited about the reels.

  • Loose slot

Loose slot refers to slot machines that pay out players more often than other slot machines. This term is usually heard more in traditional casinos rather than online settings. 


Playing slot games can be fun to pass the time and often win big, but to get started, you must comprehend the right terms related to the game of slots. These are some of the most commonly used terms in slot machine games. Understanding these terms allows you to grasp slot games easily. However, if you’re a beginner, we recommend trying your hands at free slot games first!