Responsible Gambling Guide

A complete guide for new and experienced players
Responsible Gambling

Online Casinos that respect the player and of course the Responsible Gaming policy, depending on the license, offer the necessary tools to help players keep control of their habits and finances. These tools are so much important, that we as slot enthusiasts have created a policy of our own. Any online casino with no responsible gaming tools receives a lower overall rating and we inform the users about it. 

Let’s take a look inside the reasons for responsible Gambling policy’s creation. Gambling is legal in most parts of the world, where many people choose to play slots, live casinos, sports betting, and many more. But just like alcohol where people tempt to drink at social gatherings and have fun, gambling can be fun as well. As long as you don’t lose control. Accept a loss and don’t chase it. Set boundaries and tame yourself. But sometimes players lose control, can’t set boundaries, and in the end, they find themselves in a difficult situation that few of them are tempted to get out. From a hobby it becomes a gambling problem. To keep the order and not jeopardize the fun of gambling, Responsible Gambling tools are here to help everyone to maintain the levels of gambling in a safe condition. This is one of the most efficient ways how to gamble responsibly.

As stated in Directive 2 of 2028 by Malta Gaming Authority, casinos that hold the MGA license are obliged to have the responsible Gaming tools not more than one click away from the Responsible gaming page. 

Additionally, casinos must contain self-exclusion tools. But shall provide deposit limits, wagering limits, session limits, loss limits. 

Deposit Limit Tool

The player can choose the amount of money he wishes to deposit daily, weekly, monthly. The tool is designed to help the player keep his finances in control.

Loss Limit Tool

The tool is made for players that tempt to chase losses. With this tool, the player can set daily, weekly, monthly the amount of loss he affords to lose. 

Reality Check

By setting the time, this tool enables a pop-up message which will appear on the player’s screen depending on the time it was set. The message informs the player of the time he spent gambling and whether the player wants to continue or not. The tool helps the players keep a track of the time they spend gambling online.

Take A Break

The tool is simple as it sounds. The player can choose the amount of time that wishes to take a break from online gambling products.  Usually the time vary from 1 day to 1 month. This depends on the license each casino holds.

Self-Exclusion Tool

This is the most important tool. It is used only when the player decides to stop online gambling activities immediately and for a long period. The times of self-exclusion vary again due to the different licenses each casino holds. Usually, the minimum time of self-exclusion starts from 6 months. 

Session Limit Tool

The player by using this tool specifies how long he wants to stay logged in. In the case of reaching the time limit, a pop message appears on the player’s screen informing that the session limit is close to being reached.  When the limit is reached, the player logs out automatically out of the gaming account.

Wagering Limit

By selecting the desired amount of money that the player affords to wager on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, the tool caps the wagering when the amount reaches the limit. The player will not be able to continue wagering when the limit is reached. 

Best Regulators

Of course not. There are plenty of online casinos in the world that don’t offer anything at all. This is why it’s important to choose an online casino that is reputable and trusted. One way to check this is by checking the license that the casino holds. Let’s see some important examples

Malta Gaming Authority

Every Online Casino that holds the MGA license is obligated to comply with MGA’s Directives. One of these rules is the Responsible Gaming Policy. Every online casino licensed by MGA must have responsible gaming tools. Necessary tools are Deposit Limit Tools and Wafering Limit Tools. The licensees shall provide additional tools such as Session Limit Tools and Loss Limit Tools and more. 

UK Gambling Commission

Online Casinos that operate in the United  Kingdom are licensed by UKGC. Since a very big percentage of the United Kingdom’s citizens gamble almost every day, the Commission has made it clear that responsible gaming tools are here to stay. Therefore, every casino is required to offer accessible tools that help the players control their financial limits. Every time players are in the middle of the registration process or in the process of making their first deposit,  the tools are displayed urging the players to set them accordingly.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The Kahnawake Gaming Commisasion is a worldwide reputable committee. As stated online casinos licensed by the Commission, are obligated to respect players in every way. The player can request self-limitation per day, week, month and even self exclude from the casino. In case the player has set zero in his deposit limit, this may change only after a minimum of 6 months have passed. Kahnawake Gaming Commission offers the players the opportunity to self exclude from any licensed online casino by contacting through the official website. 

Problem Gamblers and solutions

As you can imagine problem gamblers who are self-excluded by online gambling services may sign up at other online casinos making the situation a vicious circle. To put an end to this circle, there are a few websites that offer a self-exclusion from any online casino that exists on the website. Yeah, you heard it right. One of the most known is GAMSTOP. Players that reside in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland have the privilege to self exclude from all the gambling websites that operate in the countries for 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years and it’s completely free. Another website is called GAMBLOCK which is available to every player around the world but it requires a fee. Another alternative website is GAMBAN. It offers a 7-day free trial, it’s available to everyone, and has a really small fee if you decide to purchase it. There are many useful responsible gambling tips but we recommend these tools for a total self-exclusion from gambling websites. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the most important questions and tried to give the best answers.

Online gambling in the past wasn’t regulated as it is now. There have been hundreds of times where players had requested a permanent closure of their account in an online casino and either the casino closed it and re-open it after some time or used unethical practices. Gamblers and especially those who were facing problems didn’t have the security that exists now. Gambling Act and Directives helped enormously to create a safe and friendly environment for gamblers to be able to play. In some countries, the support teams have to pass through special training to be able to observe and point out problem gamblers. Regarding the importance of responsible Gaming, players now have the chance to set their limits or even close their accounts in a matter of seconds. 

First of all, the most important step is to realize that gambling is a form of entertainment.  You need to understand the odds of winning before you proceed to gamble. Regarding how to gamble safely we have created some important tips. 

• Don’t drink alcohol or take illegal substances while gambling.

• Set your personal limits, such as deposit limits and loss limits. 

• Only gamble money you can afford. No funny business. 

• Take regular breaks. Taking breaks is another way of maintaining your gambling habit at safe levels.

• Don’t gamble when you’re sad or face economical or personal problems. 

• If you lose take a break instead of chasing your losses. It’s really simple. Chasing losses in most cases will result in more losses. Don’t take this path instead take a break and enjoy other activities.  

Well, it’s pretty easy to know if you’re a problem gambler and there are a lot of ways to control it. Since we are NO doctors we can’t just create a professional quiz. But we are good at searching. Therefore, here is a link to take a quiz made by professionals. Just click here. 

Short answer, no. Curacao licensed online casinos are not obligated to offer. But there are some online casinos that they offer all the responsible gaming tools. These online casinos are usually more trusted and secure. From our side, we try to inform users, about the availability or not of responsible gaming tools and which types of tools are available. Please note that responsible gaming tools are mandatory in most European countries. This is not the case for other countries.