Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming. How to play step by step.

monopoly live by evolution gaming

Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming

How to play step by step.
monopoly live by evolution gaming

Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming is based on the popular board game that is known almost to everyone. Launched in 2019, the Live Game became an all-time favorite for the right reasons. The magnifying wheel and the Rolls feature play the biggest role with Mr. Monopoly stealing the show every time he enters the bonus game!

Where can I play Monopoly Live?

Most reputable online casinos offer Evolution Gaming in Live Casino. Based on your jurisdiction you can try out your luck in the following online casinos!

How to play Monopoly Live in simple steps

Step 1

Enter the casino and click or type monopoly live and click on the icon. You will be redirected to the Live Game.

Screenshot 17 1

Step 2

Down in the middle, there are 6 different chips. The value of each chip is the following. 


Screenshot 14

There are 7 different outcomes that you can bet on. These are.

Screenshot 13

Even though the CHANCE segment is available on the monopoly wheel, players can’t bet on it. When the flipper lands on this particular segment, Mr. Monopoly stands up and awards either a respin with a random multiplier up to 10x or gives a cash reward. 

Step 3

After you place your bets in the given time of 12 seconds, the Host spins the wheel and you wait until the flipper stops at one of the segments.

Step 4

If the wheel’s flipper stops at number 1,2,5,10 you will be awarded the winning multiplier. This includes 1x, 2x, 5x, and 10x. In case the pointer stops at 2 rolls or 4 rolls, you are taken to the monopoly live board game, the most famous board we all know about. Mr. Monopoly enters the game and awards randomly multipliers on each segment located on the board.

Dices are thrown live. If they are doubles, you’ll be awarded with an extra throw. The game can come to an end when the free throws are spent or if Mr. Monopoly lands in jail. In case you land on this segment, Mr. Monopoly will be taken back to jail and the next dices need to be double so you can be free to continue the game.

Screenshot 18
Screenshot 19 1

Step 5

When the bonus game is over, winnings are added to your account automatically and you can continue playing.

Monopoly Live Wheel and Payout

The Live Game’s mechanics are based on the wheel, which contains 54 special segments. The 1 symbol is shown 22 times on the wheel, symbol 2 is shown 15 times. Symbol 5 is displayed 7 times on the wheel and symbol 10 takes 4 spots on the wheel. Regarding the special symbols, the CHANCE symbol appears 2 times, the 2 rolls 3 times, and 4 rolls 1 time only.

Regarding payout, the game’s simple as it gets.

Symbols Multiplier Payout

Monopoly live symbol 1



monopoly live symbol 2



monopoly live symbol 5



Monopoly Live symbol 10



monopoly live 2 rolls symbol



monopoly live 4 rolls symbol



Monopoly Live General Information

 Monopoly Live was released in 2019 and ever since it became the most popular live game for everyone! And how couldn’t? It’s simple to play, and fun to watch! The Live game is available 24/7 except for maintenance breaks. There is always a live host and everything takes place in real-time! The game is licensed and regulated by the most reputable gaming commissions like MGA ( Malta gaming authority, UKGC (UK Gambling Commission), and more.


The bonus game is based on 3D, giving the Live Games enthusiasts a top gaming experience. Bright colors while Mr. Monopoly steals the show every time the pointer lands on CHANCE or Rolls symbols!

Live chat

Players from around the world can participate in the chat with each other respectfully. In case you use bad words you will be notified to stop using explicit language and in case the warning goes unnoticed you will be blocked from chatting. Evolution Gaming offers live chat support for players that have any inquiries or need help with something.

About Evolution Gaming

Evolution was established in 2006 as a B2B provider. Ever since the company has become the world-leading provider when it comes to live casino. 16 years later and More than 10000 employees in Europe and North America are working under Evolution gaming. The company’s headquarters are based in Sweden.

In 2017 Evolution was listed on Nasdaq Nordic and in 2020 the company bought Netent (96.8% shares) for 1.8 billion €. Red tiger gaming was also bought by Evolution this year.
In 2021 Evolution launched the 3rd Live casino studio in Michigan USA.

Monopoly Live RTP and stats

Monopoly live has a 96.23% RTP. This means the house edge is 3.77%. Of course, every bet you make creates the relevant RTP. Betting on low numbers such as 1 or 2 can give 92.88% up to 96.23%
Betting on 5 and 10 the RTP can vary from 91.30 up to 96.02%
From our calculations, we found that number 2 has the highest RTP (96.23)
Even though the 4 rolls segment has the lowest probability, it’s the biggest wins come from this bonus game.

Monopoly Live. Best strategy

We have to keep it real. You can use the best strategy that you may have thought and not win just because the game is pure luck. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to risk betting only on segments with low probability but with higher chances of winning big. For example, betting on 2 rolls and 4 rolls only, you are aiming for bigger wins while betting on 2 rolls, 1 symbol segment, and 2 symbol segment you aim for lower wins. Of course, these all depend on the amount of bet you put on each symbol.

Since Live monopoly is pure luck you can’t know when big luck strikes!

Monopoly Live Review

Well, we would have thought that we could play Monopoly Live with real money? And not only that but win massive from time to time? The game’s easy to be played and has simple rules. The RTP varies from 91.30% up to 96.23% and it’s licensed by the top regulators in the world. Beautiful colors and a 3D Mr. Monopoly is all it takes to make a great game! 

Fun Fact: Rumors say that there will be soon a new Monopoly live game! So keep your hopes up high for new thrills and a top gaming experience! 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the most important questions and tried to give the best answers.

Monopoly Live is licensed and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission. Having such reputable regulators it’s impossible for the Live Game to be rigged. Even though a majority of players believe otherwise, we can assure you and the best regulators in the world that it’s a safe and fair environment.

Monopoly Live free play option is not available. You can enter the live game but you will need to play with real money only.

Players in the USA can play Evolution Gaming in online casinos based in the USA and regulated by relevant authorities. We recommend double-checking the availability of the live games. 

On 28 April 2020 Monopoly Live had the biggest payout. A massive 9600X. A player with a 1€ bet on 4 rolls would have won 9600€. It seems like everything is possible with Mr. Monopoly.