How do Slot Streamers get paid?

how do slot streamers get paid

how do slot streamers get paid?

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how do slot streamers get paid

Twitch is considered to be the Mecca for casino streamers. Even though the platform applied some restrictions to the niche, slots streaming is thriving and it’s considered to be a very popular choice among viewers so we always encourage streamers to respect responsible gambling and try to educate new slot enthusiasts about the dangers of playing uncontrollably. 

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Before we shed light and answer the question,

We belong to a gambling community were playing online slots with your own funds is considered to be FAIR practice. But hopping on the other side, you will find slot enthusiasts who believe that playing slots with fake money is fair as long as the streamer entertains them! The particular tactic is frowned upon by many and strikes as bad for many reasons. 

Ways slot streamers get paid

These are the most known ways casino streamers make money! 


Twitch streamers usually partner up with a casino affiliate and conclude with one of the following types of deals.

– REV SHARE. While streaming, viewers may enjoy the casino he’s playing at, so they might click on one of the banners the streamer has put on his channel. Note that the banners come with a special affiliate link. The streamer usually earns through new player registrations and losses. Depending on the first-time deposits there is a particular percentage per first-time deposit. Usually, it starts from 25-35%. Let’s set an easy example.

10 viewers sign up through the affiliate banner. They deposit ONE time €20. In case they all lose, streamers will earn a percentage from these losses. If the percentage is 30%, then affiliate earnings are €60. 

-CPA. The Click-Per-Action deal allows streamers to refer new players to an online casino and get money per new registration or/and deposit. Sounds nice?


Every streamer that completes the following requirements (PATH TO AFFILIATE) can become a Twitch affiliate and earn more on a monthly basis.

-reach 50 followers

-stream for 8 hours

-stream on 7 different days

-have an average of 3 viewers

All the requirements need to be achieved in 30 days.

Twitch offers the path of a partner program as well that sets higher standards

 -stream for 25 days

-stream on 12 different days

-have an average of 75 viewers

These milestones unlock plenty of privileges for slot streamers allowing them to improve their channel and earn money from subscriptions.


Earnings from donations usually vary depending on the number of viewers, subscribers, and of course the will by them to decide to donate to the particular streamer. Even though the earnings go up and down every month, it’s still considered to be a respectable amount. Would you say no to a free biscuit? I don’t think so!


There have been numerous occasions where casino streamers are sponsored by online casinos. Usually, the casino will approach the streamer and propose a sponsorship. Usually, the deal includes. 

– Match deposit bonuses with low wagering requirements

– Exclusive gifts for GIVEAWAYS

– Exclusive affiliate program

Of course, as you can imagine, each deal depends on the popularity of each streamer. Note that popular casino streamers tempt to play in ONE or TWO online casinos. We can’t just leave it as it is though, because there have been cases where streamers are sponsored by Crypto Casinos. These streamers are considered to be FAKE for the following reasons.

– They are barely transparent in regards to real money deposits and transactions.

– They play on ONE Crypto Casino

– They play with extremely HIGH stakes such as €100 or even €500 per SPIN!

– They promote online gambling in restricted territories 

– They don’t promote Responsible Gambling

– They promote unhealthy gambling

– They don’t play with real money

Of course, if you take a look on the web, you will find many stories that may help you understand the problems that have been created due to loose restrictions in the slots streaming community. 

 Twitch introduced a new term regarding casino streaming, hoping to prevent scams and potential harm. The new term came into effect on 18 August 2021. 

''To prevent harm and scams created by questionable gambling services that sponsor content on Twitch, we will prohibit sharing links and or referral codes to sites that offer slots, roulette, or dice games. We will continue to monitor gambling-related content and update our approach as needed.''

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the most important questions and tried to give the best answers.

From a normal perspective, a new casino streamer will not be able to make a lot of money in the beginning. Considering the hard as always start, monthly revenue may vary from € 0 to € 500. Well-known casino streamers who are popular and enjoy many privileges by Twitch partnership, subscriptions, and more, usually earn more than €10000 – €20000 per month! 

Malta is considered to be the Mecca of Online casinos, and slot providers and usually, most members of the iGaming community are based there. Casino streamers choose Malta for various reasons except for the good weather. Reasonable taxes and laws while being close to Online Casinos are considered a plus in choosing Malta for your headquarters or permanent residence. 

The short answer is yes. But not all of them. Lately, there is an increase in slot streamers promoting unregulated online casinos in restricted territories such as the U.S.A and pretending to be playing with real funds supposedly risking € 100 or € 500 per spin. Some fake streamers go to the EXTREME by spinning the reels on a $ 1000 or $ 2000 bet per spin. Of course, there are well-known slot streamers that are considered to be real in what they do and are respected by the gambling and streaming community.  

Two of the most known slot streamers that are considered to be true to their colors and are highly respected by the gambling community are the British slot enthusiasts Rocknrolla and The Bandit