Endorphina expands into Baltics

February 13, 2022
Baltic countries can now enjoy slots by endorphina

Endorphina expands into Baltics

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are the lucky countries where Endorphina will soon be showcasing its vast variety of slot games
Baltic countries can now enjoy slots by endorphina

Could the news be better for the Baltic region? Well, now Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will be the countries where Endorphina will be available soon! For the time being, some online slots by Endorphina are now available, such as 2021 Hit Slot, Book of Santa, Hell Hot 100 and Chance Machine 100.

As stated by Endorphina’s CEO, Jan Urbanec ”It’s a great way to start the year by showing our commitment to expand Endorphina games in more regulated regions. The Baltics are a region where we expect great results, due to historical success of the game style that Endorphina delivers.”

We couldn’t miss out the opportunity to share the thoughts of Michal Konuch the Head of Legal of Endorphina! Mr. Michal commented ” Endorphina’s expansion into the regulated Baltic region shows again that Endorphina does not only deliver fun and exciting slot games but also backs it up with state-of-the-art infrastructure that meets all legal and technical requirements of local regulators.”

How to see which online slots are available?

Players from Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia can enter here, to check all the available slots that are available in their jurisdiction. 



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