Endorphina and Hero Gaming agree to a Partnership

March 4, 2022
Endorphina and Hero Gaming partnership

Endorphina and Hero Gaming agree to a Partnership

Hero Gaming is known for the innovations around iGaming industry but also for the working environment. The company focuses on creating a culture by setting 3 important values. Love. Dare. Win. Recently Hero Gaming partnered up with CultureAmp for better employee experience in the workplace.
Endorphina and Hero Gaming partnership

Endorphina has skyrocketed with no brakes in 2022! New deals and expansions have taken place in a short period, making all of us wonder! This time it’s the leading operator Hero Gaming. 

A brief story about Hero Gaming

Hero Gaming was created by Georg Westin in 2013. Mr. Westin is very familiar with online casinos since his resume is rich and heavily linked with start-up companies and online casinos. In 2018 Speedy Casino and Speedy Bet were included in Hero Gaming’s multi-brand strategy. Nowadays, Hero Gaming has become one of the most trusted and reputable companies in the gambling industry. 

About the Partnership

Senior Sales Manager at Endorphina, Mrs. Valeriya Nasypova commented on the new partnership ” We happy of Endorphina’s partner portfolio with such a reputable operator as Hero Gaming”. Mr. Sven De Waard, Casino Manager at Hero Gaming commented ” Here are thrilled to launch Endorphina Games to our brands. Endorphina and Hero Gaming share the same innovative ideas when it comes to offering unique experiences, therefore we are happy that both companies will keep growing together”. 




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