Sweepstakes Casinos – Basics and Advanced, All you should know!

Sweepstakes Casinos - Basics and Advanced, All you should know!

Sweepstakes casinos might seem new to a few people since they were introduced much later than real money casinos. However, they are as much fun and interesting to play, with only a few points of difference. One of the significant differences between Sweep cash casinos and real money casinos is that you do not need to play with real money for the former one. Instead, you must buy virtual currency to play the Sweepstakes casino of your choice. There are typically two currency types: Sweepstakes cash and Sweepstakes coins. Furthermore, there are a plethora of different Sweepstakes casinos available online that come with various promotions and bonuses. 

In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about Sweepstakes casinos. We will also recommend some top websites to play in online Sweep cash casinos. So let’s get started!

What Are Sweepstakes Casinos?

As mentioned previously, Sweepstakes casinos do not use cash. Instead, they work on virtual currencies to play the games. Now these virtual currencies can be obtained in two ways. The first way is to buy them directly with real cash or get them as a free bonus. When you purchase virtual currency with real cash, it is referred to as gold coins in Sweepstakes casinos. These coins do not have any redeemable value, meaning you cannot actually trade them for real cash. 

Another type of currency available in Sweepstakes casinos is known as Sweeps coins. You receive sweeps coins as a free bonus every time you purchase gold coins. One interesting thing about Sweeps coins is you can trade them for real money, unlike Sweepstakes casinos’ gold coins. 

Many Sweepstakes casinos also provide their users with a sign-up bonus. However, knowing that every website will not offer this benefit is important. Therefore you need to select the ones that provide this feature to earn the rewards. At Sweepstakes casinos, you can also find a variety of games ranging from slots, progressive slots, social poker, table poker, and other table games to practice and build your winning strategy for Sweepcash casinos.

How To Get Started With Sweepstakes Casinos 

The rules for playing Sweepstakes casinos are fairly simple and not as complicated as the other casino games. However, if you are a newbie to the gambling world, here are some basic terms that might help you better understand the game and its process.

  • Sweepstakes Casinos- These are various online sites that you can easily access to win bonuses and prizes. 
  • Sweepstakes Poker Sites- As the name suggests, these are the sites where you can play social poker using the sweeps currency system.
  • Sweep Coins- Every time you purchase gold coins, you will receive sweep coins for free. You can also trade them for cash according to your convenience. 
  • Sweepstakes Cash– These are the various cash prizes you win on sweepstakes sites.
  • Free Sweeps- These are handed out to all players via different means by the casinos. 

In order to get started, visit a Sweepstakes casino’s website, register yourself to create an account, and start playing using the login coins you receive during registration. Sweepstakes casinos do not run on real money; hence, the more you play, the better your chances of winning more gold coins. You can further use these coins to try your hands at several other games available on the casino website. 

Why Are Sweepstakes Casinos So Popular? 

One of the biggest reasons behind the enormous popularity of Sweepstakes casinos is that, unlike most other gambling games, Sweepstakes casinos are legal across the UK. This is mainly because Sweepstakes casinos do not deal with real money, therefore, are not subjected to the same legal scrutiny. 

Furthermore, Sweepstakes casinos also have a wide range of fun games for their users. Some of the most popular ones might include Blackjack, Keno, video poker, and Sweep slots. In recent years, various Sweepstakes casinos have also started, including table games to make it more convenient for smartphone and computer users. 

Lastly, you can practice your gameplay as often as you want with Sweepstakes casinos without fearing losing money. The platform also allows unique social features that enable you to chat with your friends while you play, further resulting in helping you build a winning strategy for Sweepcash casinos.

Best Sweepstakes Casinos of 2022

Mentioned below are some of the best Sweepstakes casino sites currently dominating the market in the UK. 

PlayOJO- The first one to make it to the list of the best sweepstakes casino in the UK is PlayOJO. Prominently known for its high quality, it is also loaded with various exciting features like no wager and no max limit bonuses. It has a wide range of fun games and the maximum number of game providers, among other sites. 

Grosvenor- Grosvenor is another very popular casino site in the UK known for its exclusive welcome bonuses. Grosvenor is also renowned for being one of the longest-standing online casinos. Thus, you can always rely on it in terms of longevity and security. Grosvenor offers as many as 800 games for all its users. 

Mansion- One of the best features of the Mansion is unlike most other sites. Mansion does not require you to use a desktop computer or laptop. You can easily access the same via your tablets or smartphones. Furthermore, Mansion also has an extensive collection of top-quality games that you can check out. 


Sweepstakes extend a fun way to practice your skills at poker and other games of chance. Moreover, you also get to receive several free Sweeps coins at specific sites, which means you are not limited to making purchases. If you are lucky enough or play your cards right, you can earn real money without the risk of losing the same. If you have never tried playing this game, here is your chance. We hope this precise Sweepstakes outline with tips and tricks will enable you to sweep countless profits off Sweepstakes casinos!