Poker rebuy tournament strategy – Get the most out of your chips!

Poker rebuy tournament strategy - Get the most out of your chips!


Out of the numerous games we see in the gambling world, one of the most prominent and fun games is poker, which has many more associated elements. Poker is a card game involving two players in which your card and your strategy have to be more powerful than the others to win.

Poker game comes in different variants and can involve different kinds of betting. One form of poker betting is the custom poker chips that have a monetary value only inside the game. You can buy chips as much as you can but only up to a threshold bet. If players lose the game, they can go for poker chips rebuy and continue participating in the tournament. Remember, rebuying and re-entry are two different parts of the same game. 

In this article, we’ll discuss rebuy tournaments, poker strategy for tournaments, and the pros and cons of these tournaments. 

What are rebuy poker tournaments?

Poker rebuy tournaments are the chances given to the players to rebuy chips. In some tournaments, if you lose all your chips, you lose the game, and you’re out. However, in Poker rebuy tournaments, you can rebuy the chips even if you lose all of your initial poker chips. The chances are limited, but you can still be in the game again. For instance, Las Vegas poker tournaments in brick-and-mortar casinos often happen to offer rebuys. Fortunately, online casinos now extend a similar chance for gamblers to enjoy their game to the fullest. 

Rebuy is different from re-entry. In re-entry, you start with a new seat, a new game, and a new set of chips, as if you’re a new player. In rebuy, your seat remains the same. The number of chips you can buy also has some threshold. For example, if you bought 2,500 pounds of chips, in the next tournament, you’ll start with 2,499 or 2,500 and not 2,501. It sets a limit on buying chips. 

Here are some more rebuy rules that you should know:-

  • There’s a rebuy period at entry levels of tournaments that happens at the first hour of the event. No more rebuys are allowed once that period is over. 
  • The rebuy period is announced in the tournament lobby. There could be fixed or unlimited rebuys allowed for players. 
  • If any player runs out of chips, they’re immediately offered a rebuy, depending on eligibility. You’ll see a message to become one if you’re not eligible. 
  • You can set rebuy by pressing the “Auto Rebuy” option above the chat window. After hitting the button, you’re automatically charged for buying chips. If you’re playing with mobile applications, there’s one option of “add more chips”, which you can select to add chips.
  • Poker chips rebuy, and add-ons generally cost the same as the original buy. You can start with the same number of chips as the initial poker chips, or you can buy less as well. 
  • The prize pool and payouts are announced at the end of the rebuy tournaments. 

Here are the things you should know before starting the poker tournaments:-

  • Bankroll management is crucial. If you plan to go for rebuy, always keep the money aside. If you’re going for two rebuys, you are actually going to play three tournaments in total. So keep this in mind.
  • If you survive the rebuy period, you’ll be offered an add-on purchase. If you’ve somehow just managed to survive the rebuy, buy the add-ons if you can afford them, as it usually offers a large stack of chips. 
  • Rebuy poker tournaments can be profitable and interesting if you’ve implemented some intelligent strategies. 

Let’s now look at some strategies to enhance your chances of winning. 

Poker Rebuy strategies

Here are some of the best poker strategies for tournaments that you can follow:-

  • Planning for rebuy strategy in advance: Before actually playing the rebuy tournament, it is always advised to have a primitive strategy of how you will play and the odds of winning. You must decide whether you want to rebuy or not and how many times. You can give it a shot if other players also go for a rebuy tournament.
  • Establishing limits for buy-in: Buy-ins or re-entry is especially for those with a) self-control and b) better strategy. If you know that your hands are a bit weak compared to others, and you probably won’t be able to make it up anytime soon, you should drop out of the game. Also, self-control is another important aspect to keep in mind while gambling. As mentioned above, you must have strong bankroll management skills to ace the buy-ins.
  • Use the add-ons: To extend the point mentioned above, if you’ve somehow survived in the rebuy, you can consider buying the add-ons if you can afford them, as it comes with a large stack of chips that increase your stack. Always utilise the add-ons to keep your game intact till the end.
  • Calculated risks under the rebuy period: Rebuy tournaments allow you to take calculated risks with your chips and add-ons. Use the rebuy tournament as a speculator because other players may have the upper hand. You can either drop your standards or play as a normal freezeout tournament. Whatever decision you make should be based on the type of game played and how other players play.
  • Should you wait for the opportunity or play early?: This is one of the biggest concerns for players, whether to invest the dime early on or later. It depends on the tendencies of other players present at the table. If fellow players are showing down medium pairs or weak aces, you can adjust your game accordingly without wasting too much money. You should at least wait for a high ace or pair.

Rebuy poker Pros vs Cons

Rebuy Tournament Pros Rebuy Tournament Cons
Rebuy tournaments allow you to play safely. You can get away with making common mistakes. Rebuy tournaments can make the players lose streaks. The variance is greater in rebuy, and you can experience more bad beats. 
This tournament is especially for beginners who don’t have many strategies.  You would want to have more rebuys, but it will cost you more and more. It can hurt your bankroll. You must have a bigger balance to tolerate your will to bet more.
There are bigger payouts in rebuy poker tournaments. The payouts are sizable.  It requires strict discipline as you can easily lose self-control even if you’re a pro player. 


In a nutshell, a poker rebuy tournament can be a fun experience only if you play in a regulated manner with the right strategical approach. Although rebuy tournaments give you chances to escape, it, too, requires a set of rules and strategies to last in the game. For instance, setting up automated rebuy, buying chips, add-ons, and so on.

Moreover, pre-made strategies might not always assist you in a good game. Keep an eye on participating players to comprehend the game’s requirements. You should have control over your bankroll to prevent yourself from complete burnout. That’s why it is advisable to have prior knowledge of poker before getting into it.