What is Better- Play Casino Slots for Free or for Money?

What is Better- Play Casino Slots for Free or for Money?


Gambling has been an age-old social activity for recreation among adults. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to seek adrenaline rush and monetary gains by taking your chances on a bet. With the digitisation of the modern world, various online casinos have emerged, slowly dominating the market because of their authentic casino vibes and fun games. Typically, there are two types of slots at online casinos, the one where you play for free and the other where you pay to play. As apparent from their names, the first one refers to demo slots, where you do not need to spend any real money of your own. Whereas the latter refers to those online casino slots, where you need to spend cash if you wish to win back real money. 

In this article, we will discuss both types of online casino slots, their advantages and disadvantages, and which is considered to be better. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Advantages of Playing Casino Slots For Free

One of the most significant risks of online casinos is your money. If you are playing online casino slots for real money, there is always a high chance of losing most of your savings. That is why starting with a demo, or free slots is always recommended and then moving on to the real money slots, especially if you are a newbie. Apart from this, there are also a series of advantages that you can derive from playing casino slots for free. Those are

No Risk- As stated earlier, with free online casino slots, you are always assured that you are never at risk of losing money since there is no real cash. What’s more? There are a few online casino sites where you can play with and for real money without risking yours. These are basically promotional strategies that a few sites offer to lure in more customers. For instance, they might provide you with 20 free spins to play a specific machine. If you are in luck and manage to win, you can cash out the money later. However, it is important to note that this is quite rare, and you are very unlikely to find sites that offer you this kind of advantage. 

Various Games to Choose from – Yet another popular advantage of playing slots for free is you get to try your hand at a variety of games. Innumerable online websites feature various slots so that you can try every game before settling for your favourite one. 

You can play at your own pace- Most free online casino slots are available 24*7. This means you can play them anytime, anywhere, as long as you have smooth internet connectivity. Some of them are even available in the mobile version, which is yet another advantage, especially for those who are travelling and do not have a desktop or computer before them. 

Few skills are required- Last but not least, free online casino slots are meant for fun and entertainment. Since no real money is involved, you do not have to stress over losing cash. The ultimate goal is to have fun; therefore, you should focus on playing the most entertaining games instead of how to play or the tactics. Slots typically are games of pure chance, although, for professional players playing with real money, a few strategies are involved. 

Advantages Of Playing Online Casino Slots For Real Money

Mentioned below are some of the top advantages of playing casino slots for real money.

  • One of the biggest advantages of playing casino slots for real money is that you always stand a chance to make remarkable winnings. With each win, your account gets credited with the specified amount of money, which you can withdraw according to your convenience. 
  • Casino slots real money also bears another benefit, which is experience. Casino games are not always about winning big amounts of money. It also comes with loads of fun and entertainment and the thrill or adrenaline rush you get after placing each bet. 
  • Lastly, most online casino sites offer their users various kinds of bonus gifts and promotions. Therefore, each time you play online casino slots, you are eligible to receive the said bonuses.  

Disadvantages Of Playing Real Money Slots and Free Slots

While real money slots and free slots do offer a series of advantages to all their users, there are a few disadvantages that you need to consider before entering the gambling world. As stated earlier, with real money slots, you always stand a chance to win back real cash. However, to achieve the same, you need to strategise or plan your gameplay accordingly to reap maximum benefits. On the other hand, free slots do not offer any real amount of money. Therefore, all your winnings are technically imaginary because you cannot withdraw any of your winnings since none of them is credited to your account. 


With that said, we come to an end with real money slots and free slots. You must now understand what these two casino slot games refer to and their advantages and disadvantages. It is always recommended that players who are new to the game should always try out their hands first at free slots or demo slots, so they do not end up losing more than they thought. Professional players or experienced players, on the other hand, can try out real money slots since they know about the various strategies involved in placing a bet. 

Some of the best UK casinos currently available online include Mansion Casino, Magic Red, Sun Vegas, and Casino Lab, among others. All these sites come with their own set of bonuses and special gifts for their users. Therefore, before choosing a particular one, make sure that you check out all the sites to find what’s best for you.