Learn how to play blackjack in less than 4 minutes

Learn how to play blackjack in less than 4 minutes


Blackjack is an easy game to play. However, it might take more than 4 minutes for you to master. The basic key to winning a blackjack game is repetition and practice. Typically, blackjack players try their luck against the dealers. Also known as 21, blackjack is one of the most famous casino games in the entire world. 

The good news for players who want to try blackjack for the first time is that the game’s rules and strategies are very easy and can easily be understood. In offline casinos,  blackjacks are played with a single of 52 cards. However, in modern online casinos, you can play variants of blackjack that are even played with 8 decks comprising 512 cards in total.   

In this blog, we’ll explain how blackjack is played, blackjack card values and certain factors you can keep in mind to enhance your blackjack game skills.  

How to play blackjack 

In order to win a blackjack round, you will need to beat the dealer by getting a card deck value closest to 21. You can use three fundamental game strategies from blackjack card values to improve your game significantly. Let’s go over them below:

Beat the dealer: Many beginners get confused about how to win a blackjack game. Just remember that you need to beat the dealer to win exclusive prizes. 

Winning card deck value conditions:

  1. If your dealer has a card value of more than 21, the dealer is automatically busted out of the game. 
  2. If your card deck value is more than the dealer’s card value.
  3. If you draw new cards during the game’s early stages, you end up with a card value of 21.  

Losing conditions:

  1. When your card deck has a value of more than 21. 
  2. When the round ends, your card value is less than the dealer’s.  

Blackjack game table system

Each blackjack tables contain inbuilt slots for 7 players. These tables have 7 boxes where you can place your bets. The spot in front of you will be used to deal cards. 

Things to keep in mind while playing blackjack

Here is a list of things you must remember to master the blackjack game. 

  •  Card values in blackjack

The numbered cards in blackjack are valued at the same number on the card. The ace is either valued at 1 or 11. Blackjack is valued at 21 and features a picture with an ace. Understanding and learning the card values will help you understand your position in a game.  

  • Don’t worry about other player’s cards

While playing blackjack, the card of your opponents does not really matter. As a result, your opponents’ decisions and cards cannot affect your game. You only play with the dealer in an environment that ensures neither of you knows what card the other person holds. 

  • The payout for blackjack bonus wins

The casino house is liable to pay the player as soon they win online blackjack real money. However, in some cases, payment timing can vary. End up with a face card (J, Q, K) and an ace card. You’ll be eligible for a blackjack prize ratio of 3:2.

However, most online casinos nowadays also offer a blackjack ratio of 6:5. This is because the ratio of 6:5 helps tilt the game in favour of the casino house. This also improves the game’s edge by 1.39%.     

  • Rules for surrendering in blackjack 

Some casinos allow players to take off up to 50% of the original bet amount invested. In most cases, 21 players try to put an extra stake by splitting pairs of aces. This gives birth to the possibility of creating two different winning hands. 

For example, you can resign without taking the extra card when any of your cards face down. This is very useful when your opponent has a strong deck with an ace. You can check your hole card and still opt to late-surrender before your opponent reveals their cards.

  • Use the blackjack strategy, ace-splitting

According to the rules in blackjack, the game dealer might get you two identical cards of the same value. In that case, you can split them up by making another bet. Always consider splitting your aces, as they can give you two winning deck possibilities. Mastering this technique can give you an advantage over other players.   

In addition, almost 90% of blackjack players decide to either hit or stand after taking two additional cards. Some casino and online blackjack games also allow players to re-split their cards. Using the splitting technique, you can even win prizes up to 4 times your initial bet value. 

Consider comparing the value of your deck against the dealer. This will allow you to assess different game situations and move forward with the best play style going forward. Another piece of advice that we’d give is don’t split 20-point card decks, as they can help you win easily.


There are wide varieties of blackjack and several rules, so you must remember them to master the rules and subtleties while playing blackjack. The blackjack game is one of the easiest and most popular games in the entire world. 

However, the efficient strategies to win such games aren’t as tough as you think. Consider keeping basic blackjack strategies and card values in mind, as they can help you enhance your game skills. Following these practices, you increase the house edge percentage by 0.65%. If you want to get into the casino culture without losing a lot of money, then blackjack is exactly the game that you have wanted to play. We hope this blog helps you to understand what blackjack is, how it’s played, and some of the best practices to keep in mind while playing.