How To Avoid Online Gambling Restrictions?

How To Avoid Online Gambling Restrictions?

Gambling remains one of the taboo topics to discuss worldwide following its concerned monetary risks and associated stereotypes. However, just like other industries have faced the effects of modernization and incorporated it into their business, so has the gambling industry. Established around the 7th century in Italy, the gambling industry soon transformed and spanned across Europe, taking over the world with its recreational facets. Since then, it has faced consistent changes in the nature of its legality and gambling restrictions.

The gambling industry has shifted from offline to online mode because of the penetration of the internet and smartphones. People have started doing different trading activities and casinos online because of the ease of access to the new technology. There are many countries where gambling has become legalized. This includes both online and offline gambling methods with well-executed rules and regulations. 

This article will discuss online gambling, its legalization, and how to use VPNs to avoid online gambling restrictions!

Countries With Legalised Online Gambling 

There are some countries where online gambling has been legalized. The country has a set of rules that apply to every betting-related activity that takes place both offline and online. The countries with legalized gambling include:-

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Belgium
  • Australia

In particular, several states have prohibited gambling-related activities in the United States. Moreover, modulating online casinos are more difficult than offline because of the bulk trading that takes place in one day. 

Gambling Legality in the UK

The name of countries with legalized gambling also includes the UK.

The UK gambling market is one of the best-regulated markets in the world because of the smart plans that regulate online casinos every step of the way. Moreover, there’s also a high demand for gambling in the UK, leading the government to legalize it. The regulations are mainly focused on the license holders. Here are some regulations followed by UK citizens:-

  • The minimum legal age for gambling is above 18 years. It also includes ID verification and KYC.
  • People cannot use their credit cards for gambling as the government strictly prohibits it.
  • Influencers and social media stars are not allowed to advertise gambling as it targets minors and vulnerable individuals.

Why Is Online Gambling Illegal In Certain Countries?

These are some of the countries where gamers face severe online gambling restrictions. These include:- 

  • Cyprus 
  • Poland
  • North Korea
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Singapore
  • Brunei
  • Cambodia

The common reason why some countries have strictly prohibited online gambling is because of improper regulation of trade that takes place. Online gambling is difficult to operate, and it requires some serious regulations to put into this industry to organize trade in one place. Moreover, the number of transactions that occur in one day is huge. These are some of the reasons why some countries avoid or prohibit online casinos. 

How To Use VPN For Gambling Online

While nations continue to face online gaming restrictions, VPNs allow gamers to enjoy a regulated gaming environment.

VPN or virtual private network secures your IP address and from corporations and government agencies from tracking your private data. The masking of your data lets you hide your online identity while routing to other countries. There could be many reasons to use a VPN for your business, gaming, or anything else. VPN is mostly used for gaming, streaming, and online gambling to show the government that you belong to that same country by masking your IP address. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying a VPN for countries with gambling restrictions:-

  1. Download or install VPN either on your mobile phone or computer. Some of the best VPNs are– NordVPN, Surfshark, Express VPN, and many others. You can download mobile apps for premium VPN features. 
  2. Select the country where you want to gamble. 
  3. Log in to the sports gambling or online casinos, and you’ll have access to that country while being present in your own country.
  4. If any issues arise in the middle, then you can contact VPN customer support. 

Best VPNs To Use For Online Gambling 

People who live in countries where gambling activities are strictly prohibited download VPN applications on their cell phones. As mentioned, VPN masks or hides IP addresses from government agencies or hackers so they cannot track access location. Here are some of the best VPNs for countries with gambling restrictions:-

  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • ExpressVPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • Private VPN

Risks Of Using a VPN

Although VPN has security barriers that protect your IP address from hackers and government agencies, some potential risks are still associated with VPN. These are as follows:-  

  • Downloading a VPN application through a computer puts it at risk of a data breach. It is recommended to download VPN applications through mobile phones only/
  • Most VPNs do not protect your device from vibration. 
  • There’s also the speed problem that lies with VPN use.
  • A good VPN provider can get expensive. The more premium features, the higher the cost. 


Estimations claim that UK’s gambling market stood at 6.9 billion pounds in 2021. Out of this, online casinos have generated a revenue of 4 billion pounds! This increased revenue reflects the increasing demand for online gambling. While online gambling is legalized in many countries, there are still related prohibitions to regulate its influence. 

Restrictions such as the above 18 legalities, ID verification, no advertisement, etc., have helped regulate online casinos. People who still want to participate in gambling but live in restricted countries can use VPNs. For this reason, there are many alternative online gambling options available. One of the most effective VPN alternatives is the VPS, Virtual Private Server. A VPS acts as an isolated server with shared resources, splitting the solo physical machine into several private server environments to generate shared resources. 

Hosted services like these enable gamblers to avoid restrictions and enjoy a safe and regulated gambling experience at all times!