Best Tips To Get Free Spins In Bitstarz Casino

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BitStarz casino ranks among the top cryptocurrency casinos in the online gambling sector. The site offers a great alternative to conventional online casinos, thanks to its legal license and games created by the top casino game developers in the globe. This answers why the website has achieved such a renowned standing and why the player base continues to expand. 

To gain money, people play games and buy virtual coins or chips. They can add funds to their accounts or digital wallets after a set amount of time. In Bitstarz, you may use bitcoin for both withdrawals and deposits, and using bitcoin qualifies you for the majority of bonuses. You must first buy tokens and coins in order to play the different games. Any game is open to you except those only accessible to members. You may need to register a gaming account, after which you may access anything. Use the search box to easily find a certain game if you have one in mind. This is your chance to enjoy your favourite games!

Before we delve into the tips to get free spins on the app, let us understand the pros and cons of the app and if it is worth it. 

Pros – 

  • Different types of BitStarz bonus codes are available
  • Easy transactions
  • Varieties of gaming options are available
  • Easy registration
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are available
  • No charges for cash withdrawals

Cons – 

  • It is not available in certain countries.
  • The deposit limit may be lesser than in other apps. 

How to start playing games on BitStarz?

Since this game is generally played in casinos, there’s a risk you may either lose everything on your first attempt or win. In any case, you’ll need some advice before you begin playing online. Here are some tips to help you get started – 

  • Avoid high stakes in the beginning. 

Always begin with minimal stakes; it is preferable to comprehend the website’s algorithm and the game’s theory before playing. That will support you in learning and comprehending the game’s basics, and if you have some expertise, you may play for greater stakes.

  • Don’t switch games at the start.

If you lose a game, don’t move to another one until you understand it better. Bitstarz rewards consistent players, so if you stick with one game, your chances of winning will increase. Checking the odds of winning before you play will give you more opportunities to win.

  • Utilize free slots

It’s simple to make enough money playing slots to return to your favorite game. Therefore, try to save whatever free slots you can so you can use them whenever you want to make quick money.

What are Free Spins on Bitstarz?

Free spins are extra rounds that players receive when they unlock specific features in slots games that provide them. They can also be incorporated as a part of a casino’s deposit bonus, BitStarz no deposit bonus, or free spins offer, like the amazing 180 free spins and first-deposit bonus at BitStarz. It sounds fantastic, doesn’t it, to be able to spin without using any of your credits? Well, it just keeps getting better! 

  • Creating an account –  The very first step while setting up an account on BitStarz is to visit the casino’s website and choose “Sign Up” from the large green button in the upper left corner. After clicking that button, a sizable pop-up registration window will appear, which you can then begin to fill out. Once you have finished signing up, you will be presented with some BitStarz 30 free spins
  • Win in-game free spins – Winning in-game free spins is the best method to get some insanely enormous prizes because everything tastes sweeter when it’s free. When you meet the conditions for the scatter symbol, you will be presented with additional bonuses and maybe newer artwork, which will make the game more entertaining.

Best Tips to Win Free Spins

Detailed tips and tricks can enable you to easily learn how to win a large number of free spins and how to make the best of them. The following are some tips that can help you get more spins – 

  • Place higher bets.

This may be the most basic advice ever offered, yet it couldn’t be more accurate. To play with free spins at a larger bet value and increase your winnings, increase your bet value if you have a good hunch they are about to trigger. Unfortunately, free spins won as part of bonuses are frequently constrained by a bet level, giving you no other option.

  • Choose your modes carefully.

You may choose the mode you want to go with some BitStarz 30 free spins. As a result, you may be able to win more money but at a larger risk, or you may win somewhat less, but it’s more plausible. Not many games offer these options, but when they do, don’t make a snap decision. Consider your alternatives carefully and take your time. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option to determine which best matches your strategy. Choosing the correct mode is of utmost importance. Not only will you get more money, but you will also thoroughly enjoy the game. 

  • Don’t shy away from taking risks.

In some games, you may be given the option to select the bonus or mode to play when you enter the free spins mode. Currently, they frequently feature three levels: one with numerous spins but fewer multipliers, one with significant multipliers but few spins, and one that combines the two. You have more chances to win if you spin more times. On the other side, if you play fewer spins, you have a lower chance of winning, but if you do, the prize might be a sizable sum of money. It is always worthwhile to take some risks.

  • Choose games that offer more spins.

Every game does not offer free spins, but even though they are uncommon, they do exist. If the game lacks free spins, especially if you’re looking for a free spins option, you may wish to consider playing a different one. Then, keep an eye on the BitStarz promo code that allows you to extend your playtime and use some free spins. The more spins you receive, the better; thus, it’s a bonus if you can obtain extra spins when in free spins mode.


It’s crucial to observe the slot you’re playing offers a bonus to help you discover free spins games if you want to earn free spins for real money. It might surprise you that not every game has the free spins function, but BitStarz offers practically limitless options. So what are you waiting for? Now that you are aware of where to get free spins for real money join BitStarz and enjoy!