How to Choose The Best Online Casino

7 Pro Tips for New and Experienced Players

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We all have been newbies in many things, For example, video games, dancing, gym and more. New players at online casinos tempt to make mistakes by not reading the bonus terms or not understanding how some policies work. That’s why we are here to introduce 7 tips that can help you out and avoid making any possible mistakes and how to choose the best online casino according to your preference.

1. Make sure you're not country restricted

Everyone online casino has a list of excluded countries that are not accepted by the particular casino. Before opening an account, make sure you check the excluded countries. These can be found in the casino’s terms & conditions. Before we move on, make sure that online gambling or gambling, in general, is not prohibited in your jurisdiction. This is your sole responsibility as a user to know. Please note that this is used as a term in every single online casino. So yeah, please do. Here’s why it’s important: Even though many online casinos have a special plugin installed, that doesn’t allow players from these countries to register, some people tempt to mask their IP address by using VPN. Most online casinos are against the use of VPN. Therefore, in case a player registers from an excluded country by using VPN, any winnings or deposits made WILL NOT be processed. The winnings and the sum of deposits will be confiscated.

2. Make sure to read bonus terms before receiving a bonus or welcome bonus

It’s really important to read the bonus terms. There are displayed for a reason! There are 3 things you need to read before you receive a bonus. Let’s take a closer look.

Max Bet

Every bonus comes with specific bonus terms. One of them is the max bet that is applied while wagering the bonus. Most online casinos have a 1-5€ max bet while wagering the bonus. In some online casinos exceeding the max bet, has as a result either increase the wagering requirements or delete your bonus automatically. But in MOST online casinos, exceeding the max bet while wagering results in confiscation of possible winnings. Simple right?

Wagering Requirements

Before you get a bonus, especially a deposit bonus, make sure if the wagering requirements are possible to be wagered. Most online casinos offer a 40x bonus. Let’s set an example: A 20€ bonus must be wagered 40 times before requesting a withdrawal This equals 800€ worth of bets. Some other online casinos offer higher wagering requirements. When a casino states that to request a withdrawal, the bonus and deposit need to be wagered 35 times. This is high. Let’s set an example: you deposit 20€ and receive a 20€ bonus. To request a withdrawal, you need to wager 1400€. (20€ deposit+20€ bonus X 40=1.400)  This is why you need to make wise choices before making any deposit.

Excluded Slots

Every online casino or at least the majority of them, have an excluded slots list. These slots are forbidden to be played with bonus money. Many online casinos, to be player-friendly, have installed the automated message that doesn’t allow you to open these online slots. But some other casinos don’t offer this message. This is why at MyCasinoLawyer you can be informed about the availability of the automated message by simply clicking on the bonus. Just click here to see.

Well, what will happen if you play an excluded slot? Depending on the terms, the chances of having your winnings confiscated are quite high. Therefore, make sure to read the bonus terms carefully.

Max Cashout Policy

 Let’s say you find a new online casino and decide to register and used the first deposit bonus. And you manage to win 10.000€. You request a withdrawal and instead of that, you receive 500€. Well, some online casinos have a max cashout policy when it comes to bonuses. This may be seen as such: Max cashout 20x deposit or 1000€ as a max cashout.  THIS IS WHY it’s important to check if there are such terms.

Restricted countries from no deposit bonuses/bonuses

Even if you are not country restricted, there may be some additional restrictions on receiving bonuses. There are 2 types of restrictions. One is the additional country restrictions and the second is payment providers restrictions: In most cases, some casinos exclude depositors via Skrill or Neteller to receive the welcome bonus.

3.Make sure it accepts your preffered mayment methods

How can you check if a casino has your preffered method? It’s probably the easiest way to find out, by just clicking on the tab ‘’payments’’. There you will find all the accepted payment methods that the casino has.

4.Check the license

This is one of the most important tips. The reason is simple. A strong regulator gives you a safety net when it comes to complaints. Let’s see some trusted regulators

Malta Gaming Authority

One of the best and most respected regulators in the world. A licensed casino by MGA provides ADR (alternative dispute resolution) mandatory. Therefore, in case a player has a complaint against can file it up there.

United Kingdom Gambling Commission

UKGC is responsible for online casinos in the United Kingdom. There is a mandatory ADR that players can contact and file their complaints against casinos licensed by UKGC.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Licensed casinos by this regulator offer a safe environment to play. In case of a dispute, players can contact Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Every year the commission publishes the complaints that it receives and how many of them were resolved. 

Of course, you are wondering about the online casinos that are licensed by the government of Curacao. In his case, you need to be cautious for one simple reason. In case of a dispute, you can contact the Master License holder. But don’t have hopes. The chances of receiving a response are close to zero.

Therefore, it’s important to make a small research about the casino in question.

How to research an online casino?

Well, we won’t give away our magical aka secret techniques! But we can give you some leads on how to do a proper research.

Check if the casino has all the complaints resolved through the web

 It’s important to check this for 2 reasons. First, you will be able to know whether the casino is responsive to players complaints. Second, you’ll know if the management is responsible and professional towards the complaints. IF all the complaints are resolved, then this is a positive sign that the casino is serious.

Make sure to read player reviews

Believe it or not, players help each other by just writing an honest review. If you see that players have positive experiences, then it’s another positive sign that the casino treats players fairly. Please note that there is no possible way to read ONLY positive reviews. This applies to every single online casino.

5.Check if there is a live chat available

Many times players need help INSTANTLY. Therefore, live chat support is a must nowadays. You never know if you will ever use the live chat, but make sure there is one. For example, you may have a technical issue with an online slot or maybe you’re having a problem depositing. These issues need to be addressed and fixed asap, thus live chat support is mandatory.\

6.Ask support key questions

Since live support is available, don’t hesitate and ask some key questions. They always help to create a better image of the casino in question.

Verification time frame

 Asking about the verification time process gives you an idea of how fast things work in the casino. It’s also one of the best ways to choose the best online casino, for you.

Withdrawal time frame

In case you can’t find the time frames of your preferred payment method, don’t worry. You can ask the support and get an instant response. This is another good way to choose the best online casino for you.

7.Don’t forget. It’s all about fun! So check if your favorite online slots are available

All players have their favorite online slots. Others tempt to play their favorite Live Games. Even though we are sure you’ll that, it’s just a friendly reminder.