Fake Streamers are multiplying by the minute

Get ready because we are going to spit some truth about Fake Streamers and how regulators need to put some boundaries for the sake of Responsible Gambling. First of all, there will always be people who’ll defend those streamers even if the facts are crystal clear. From our side the only advice we can give t our audience is this: DON’T put your hand in the fire for streamers, especially when interests are involved. We have heard cases of football teams fixing. Do you know how many people are involved? Many. If match-fixing is possible and has been seen around the world, imagine how easy it is for one person to play with fake money! 

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean that every single slot streamer is fake. But nowadays, it’s pretty common to see more fake streamers than the ones that stay true to their nature. The worst thing about legit streamers is that they are entrained with fake streamers due to the skepticism that has surrounded the streaming community. Is it fair? Of course not! 

Fake streamers and their bad moves

Well, the things here are getting worse. Before we start let us tell you that most fake streamers don’t know anything about gambling at all. There are numerous occasions where we saw that. Behind this article, you’ll find a person who’s been gambling since 2008. 14 years of experience in online gambling are enough to know every single slot, pay lines,  game providers, casinos, licenses, owners, RTP and the list can go for hours. People need to understand that a slot streamer 99% is a gambler himself. Otherwise, how can he spend hours playing something that he doesn’t like? Well…Let’s see the facts.  

fake streamers promote unhealthy gambling

Yes, they do and we can tell you how. One is the bet. Playing slots on a 100€ or 400€ bet is beyond limits a reckless thing. Imagine that 10 spins of 400€ bets equal to 4000€ in under 60 seconds. How can a person who lives in an apartment play on these stakes? Well, it’s not possible. And here is our quick thought. Underage users, can create an account and watch these streamers without any restrictions. This is a bad way of promoting online gambling. Twitch has published new rules about gambling-related streamers, trying to limit the dangers, but these streamers still keep showing up out of nowhere. Except that, the users who don’t have any experience in gambling may believe that the wins are real and try to play as well in rogue casinos. 

Fake streamers promote most of the times rogue casinos

Which is something that people should be concerned about. These streamers promote online casinos that may be problematic. For example, they may be promoting online casinos without a license or a casino that is known for not paying players. It’s not easy to choose an online casino and these streamers surely don’t make it easier for new players to find one. 

Fake streamers encourage viewers to play with the use of VPN

And this is our conclusion when we say that these streamers don’t have any idea about gambling. Every casino has terms & conditions. Encouraging players to use VPN to play by the time the casino doesn’t accept a particular country and also prohibits the use of VPN, it’s one result. In case these viewers deposit, 100% of these deposits and winnings won’t be seen again! 

Fake Streamers and their habits

There are some things that have become habits and they are usually done by these streamers. So let’s take a closer look.

They aren't transparent

Most of fake streamers will not show their transactions. No matter how many users will ask it, they would either ignore the requests or ban them from the chat. Others may show them once BUT there will be some lack of transparency once again.

Massive wins every Week or Month

Yeah…Well, here things get a little delusional. You know, I am a slot enthusiast myself. I have been playing for 14 years and I never had these types of wins. You may say ” Well these streamers are playing for 10-12 hours a day” Who told you that I haven’t done that? I have and I’m not proud of it. The times I won at the end of the day can be counted with one hand only. Here is the thing. Let’s say you start playing slots in the morning for 12 hours straight on a 5 euro bet with a delay of 5 seconds per spin. This equals 60€ per minute. 3600€ per hour. 43200€ in 12 hours. The amount is without winning absolutely anything. From my experience, you would need at least a 5000€ deposit every day. Now let’s see the massive wins. How can a streamer win so many times every week? Of course, there may have been a few occasions where a gambler wins every week, but these are few throughout his career and don’t last forever. This is why viewers need to understand that gambling is not a way to win life-changing money. t’s a hobby that can harm other people. Fake streamers don’t care about that. 

They play on quesionable Casinos

Fake streamers usually player on Curacao licensed casinos that are reputable for sponsoring these streamers. That doesn’t mean that all the other online casinos are perfect! There is no law that regulates twitch or slot streamers on online gambling. So it’s an area where everything can happen. No, let me state some facts. LeoVegas a reputable online casino was caught providing a slot streamer with a test account. The streamer was able to play with fake funds and lure viewers to sign up at the casino. Leovegas apologized and promised that this will never take place again. Do you see now that everything is on? Let me be more clear. NO LAW means that streamers can promote bad reputable online casinos. Can play with 1000€ bet per spin. All of these consist an unhealthy gambling promotion.

Here is why we see it

It’s pointless. Most typical gamblers don’t like having 200 or 500 viewers watching them playing slots. That’s my opinion as Mr. K. But let’s say they do. When they play, they play with money. They risk. A fake streamer doesn’t risk anything while playing. I BET that they have their affiliate account opened checking for new sign-ups while betting 500€ per 3 seconds! Some of them don’t need to, because they have a stable monthly salary. But again, this is not gambling. Fake bets on a 24/7 daily basis are pointless to viewers. Some of them watch them for fun, some others watch them because deep down they believe it’s real. You need to understand that many affiliate managers from these casinos are not familiar with gambling. Believe it or not, that’s the truth. Now imagine an affiliate manager and a slot streamer that just wants risk-free money. Boom there you have it. 

If regulators decide to put boundaries in this area, how many of them will be streaming? Okay, let me be more specific. If regulators say ” Every streamer will need to be reviewed individually. If he has ever used fake money in the past, even ONCE, he won’t be able to stream” How many of them will be streaming the next day? You’d be SURPRISED. 

And one reminder. Everyone is greedy. We all have been one time. Just because you see a guy smiling, being friendly, doesn’t mean he’s Santa Claus.